What will my investment be?

We can’t wait to photograph YOUR wedding! But… before we do, we’re going to walk you through the process of hiring a photographer. Hopefully you have already visited our FAQ’s page and received answers to most of your pressing questions. I’m sure you are here because one pressing question remains: “What will my investment be?” Well, you’ve come to the right place!

When you are on the hunt for the perfect photographer for your wedding you will notice that every photographer you contact offers different products at different prices and maybe you aren’t sure what actually makes them different. Shopping for photography is unlike shopping for anything else. In reality, you are comparing different experiences, abilities and personalities of photographers in hopes of finding one that you LOVE. The key is to remember that you can’t just compare photographer’s prices, you have to concentrate on their photography, style, reputation and experience.

In today’s digital world, you have to be careful. It is so easy to purchase an inexpensive camera, build a simple website or (major warning sign) only have a Facebook page and decide to be a photographer. Believe me, you don’t want to be the third wedding someone has photographed, or even the 20th for that matter! You want photographers with many years of experience prepared to deal with any situation that arises on your big day.

John and I (Brandy) both obtained degrees in photography, joined professional photography organizations to learn all we could from top pros in the industry and dove in. Through our 10 years full-time in the photography industry we have learned a lot about photography, a lot more about business and have been privileged to photograph countless weddings, families and children (many of whom have become close friends).

We would love nothing more than to use our knowledge and experience to help you have the best wedding possible! As you can see from our vast portfolio online and our many wedding album samples (when we meet in person), we are consistent. For 10 years, we have consistently provided brides with beautiful, timeless photographs of their weddings. Every wedding we receive will receive a full-image release on a USB drive. We also offer custom proof boxes with 4×6 printed proofs, wedding albums, printed images and an array of products. John adjusts each image individually so they will be perfect for you. And, he posts it online for you to view and share within 7-10 days after your wedding! We photograph everything that happens at your wedding without missing a moment. Our passion is to tell the story of your wedding day through our images. We capture all of the emotion, excitement and fun of your BIG DAY in addition to the traditional posed portraits. When you hire us as your wedding photographers, you will never have to feel the disappointment we feel each time we look back at our wedding photographs.

To hire us as YOUR PHOTOGRAPHERS, simply give us a call or email to set up a consultation. We will get to know you, find out all about your wedding and show you our awesome wedding albums. When you see the photographic memories we’ve provide our past brides, you can be sure you will have similar quality. To retain us for your date, you would then fill out the required paperwork including an information form with your personal contact info and wedding details as well as a contract and commitment to pay for your photography investment in four installments prior to your wedding. We will provide you with a list of the posed portraits we typically photograph with space for your special requests to be added in. If you would like a bridal or engagement session we would schedule those as soon as possible. Finally, we will check in with you throughout the time leading up to your wedding to offer our assistance and have a final meeting a week prior to your wedding in person or via phone to go over your itinerary and last minute changes. Your wedding images will be processed by John and you will receive your USB Drive and online viewing site within 10 days of your wedding!