About Us

John and Brandy grew up near New Bern, NC. Together with their two girls, they love boating and exploring the beaches of the Crystal Coast. Their favorite places include Ocracoke and North Core Banks. Their love of all things coastal led them into photographing the beautiful area and pursuing degrees in photography.

Brandy is the artsy one! In addition to degrees in both photojournalism and portrait studio management, Brandy has studied under some of the top portrait and wedding photographers in the country. Her love of purist photography and photojournalism, lead Brandy to photograph special moments and details unobtrusively. You will notice that Brandy photographs only what occurs at your wedding without attempting to interrupt and pose moments. Clients describe Brandy as quiet and laid back.

John is the planner! With a degree in portrait photography, John is a superb technical photographer. He has also studied under top photographers in the country and settles for nothing less than his best. When photographing your wedding John will arrive early to set up lighting at your reception as well as ensure that each special moment he captures is beautifully lit, making you look your absolute best. You will notice that John is very focused on his work. Clients describe John as the outgoing perfectionist. John is a member of Professional Photographers of America

With their varied talents, John and Brandy make the perfect team to capture your special day; their individual photographic styles merge seamlessly!