Why should I hire PBA instead of the many other photographers out there?

o Experience. Both John and Brandy have over 11 years of experience as full-time professional photographers. We have also interned and have studied under some of the top photographers in the nation.
o Education. We began our educations in photography before photography went digital (yes this makes us 80’s babies). This gave us the advantage of truly learning the art of writing with light (the definition of photography) before it was possible to use automatic settings, before it was acceptable to check the screen on the back of your camera to see if you exposed your image properly. We learned to rely on our knowledge and are better, stronger photographers for it. Brandy holds an AAS degree in Photographic Technology with concentrations in both Photojournalism (her true love) and Portrait Photography. John holds an AAS degree in Photographic Technology with his concentration in Portrait Photography.
o Equipment. We have invested in the highest quality equipment! Our advanced equipment combined with our expertise ensures that you will receive the best possible photographs from your wedding day.
o Communication. With our many years of experience in the wedding industry, we can share our insight on any aspect of your wedding day; from the best vendors to the order of events at the reception, we are here to help! You are more than welcome to contact us at any time with questions!
o Thoroughness. We plan ahead to ensure your wedding day goes perfectly. Not only do we come equipped with back up equipment, but we also come with a plan of execution. We prepare for your posed portraits after the ceremony in advance so you can return to your reception as quickly as possible (isn’t that every bride’s concern?). We thoroughly review your proposed itinerary prior to your wedding day to help pinpoint any possible issues and help you to resolve them. We come prepared with professional lighting in order to provide beautiful photographs in any location or situation. We think about every detail in advance to help provide you with a perfect day!

Why should I hire PBA instead of a family friend or relative? Is it really that important to hire a professional?
o A professional photographer has the knowledge and experience to capture every moment of your wedding day efficiently and beautifully. A family friend or relative that photographs as a hobby may take nice pictures, but since it is only a hobby for them they won’t know what the most important moments to photograph are, they may miss the garter or bouquet toss photographs, cake cutting or even forget to photograph you with important members of your family and wedding party. They also will not possess the knowledge of lighting to properly utilize lights in order to capture beautiful photographs in any location. It would be wise to consider allowing your friends and family to photograph as a gift to you if they would like, but be sure to hire a professional if you want “Pinterest perfect” wedding photographs.

Do you have any references? Are you legit professionals?
o Yes & Yes! Contact us and we would love to send you references from past brides. You can also see reviews from brides on our website and Facebook. We are also members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and adhere to their code of ethics of honesty, professionalism, and integrity.

What packages do you offer?
o Depending on what you need, you can expect to invest anywhere from $1800-$4500 for Saturday weddings. We have many popular collections or we can customize a collection just for you. Contact us for complete information on our collections!

Will I receive copyrights to my photographs?
o You will receive (3) USB drives of your edited wedding day photographs with a print rights release letter. With print rights, you may copy and print your photographs any way you would like for yourselves, family and friends. We will retain the copyright to your images and use them on our website, blog, social media or other forms of marketing to promote our business.

After my wedding, how quickly will I be able to see my wedding photographs?
o In only 10 days, your wedding photographs will be posted in your private online gallery and you will receive your USB drive with print release via USPS.

Can my family or I purchase prints or other products after the wedding?
o Yes! We offer a complimentary online viewing and ordering gallery to all of our couples. Your wedding will be posted online no more than one week after your wedding day! We will email you the login information and you can forward it to anyone you would like to share your wedding photographs with. The gallery even has the option to post a slideshow to your Facebook page!

Do you charge travel fees?
o No. We photograph mostly in Eastern North Carolina: New Bern, Greenville, Jacksonville, the Crystal Coast and the Outer Banks. Since we LOVE to travel and photograph in new venues, we do not charge a travel fee. We only ask that if your venue is more than two hours from New Bern, you provide a hotel for one night. If your venue is out of state or country, we will only ask for gas reimbursement or flights in addition to the hotel room.

Do you offer wedding albums?
o Yes! We offer three levels of beautiful, custom albums. We would love to schedule a meeting and show you what we offer!

My reception will be dark do you use lighting?
o Yes, we utilize professional lighting to capture amazing dance photographs and moments that photographers using on-camera flash cannot by utilizing off-camera lighting techniques. This will keep you looking radiant (even in a dark reception) and create dynamic, well lit photographs. You will find that in our reception photographs, the subject and surrounding areas are all nicely and evenly lit. In other photographers’ work you will usually see a bright subject and dark background or dully-lit photograph with a shadow on the wall from on-camera flash. We urge you to compare our reception photographs to other photographers. Your reception comprises more than half of your wedding day, so you want photographers that can capture it all! See examples of what I’m referring to here. (Side note: We never use lighting during the ceremony, as it is unnecessary and disrespectful to use flashes during any type of ceremony.)

I just got engaged and don’t know what I should look for in a photographer, any tips?
o Portfolio, Portfolio, Portfolio!!! Look for a photographer with photographs that you LOVE! You want to be sure your photographer is capable of capturing the type of wedding photographs you want. Do not choose your photographer based on cost comparisons, as all photographers are not equal. If there is a steep price difference, there is almost always a good reason for it. You will be disappointed if you simply choose the least expensive photographer and don’t look any further that that.

Your bridal portraits look so perfect, almost unreal; do you do a lot of editing in Photoshop or moving the bride to “fake” backgrounds?
o We have heard this so many times that John once posted a notice in our storefront window to address the issue. All of our portraits are 100% real. We never move brides (or any subjects) to fake backgrounds to create our portraits. Our portraits are all created completely on location using our off-camera lighting techniques. We are from the old school of photography where you get it right in-camera and don’t need to fix it or create it in Photoshop.

Where else can I find you online?
o You can find us and FOLLOW US (Hint. Hint.) on Facebook, Pinterest, You Tube or our Blog.

I’ve noticed on most websites photographers show only a few images from each wedding, why do you show whole weddings on your website?

o We love to show off our work (Conceited? No. We are just proud of what we do!). You are hiring us to photograph your entire wedding from getting ready to exit, not only ceremony and posed portraits as a lot of photographers show. Remember, your reception comprises more than half of your wedding day; be sure to hire photographers who show amazing reception images on their website. We want you to see a true sample of what we can do for you on your wedding day!

You guys are amazing, how do I book you as my wedding photographers (hint. hint.)?
o Once you have received a quote and we have chatted about exactly what you want for your wedding, we will send you our wedding photography contract, contact information forms and our wedding portrait list. To retain us as your photographers, we need the signed contract, completed contact information and your paid retainer of ½ down. You may make payments on your remaining balance any way you wish with the final balance due one month prior to your wedding day.